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Auto Dry Charged Battery / 12v 70AH Lead Acid Batteries

Categories Dry charged battery
Brand Matrix Lead acid battery
Model N70
case abs
battery brand Matrix
Terminal Type: B
FOB port Shenzhen or Guangzhou
Terms of Payment L/C,Western Union,T/T
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Update Time 12-29-2015

  Details Information

Auto dry charged battery / 12v 70AH Lead acid batteries
* Model: N70
* Nominal Voltage: 12V 
* Rated Capacity: 70Ah
* Dimension
Total Height:202/225mm
Dry Weight:13.7kg
Acid Vol:5.0L
Reserve capacity:120Mins
Charging current:6.0Amp
Cell latout:1/2
Terminal Type:B
Container Feature:a



1)Safety vent plugs

Specially designed to eliminate acid loss&enhnce O2 &H2 recombination in the cell.

2)Corrosion resistant terminal post

Heavy duty terminal post improves current flow & cranking

3)Durable polypropylene cell container

Impact resistant container to house negative&positive cells

4)Intercell Connectors

Spot-Welded to increase current flow

5)Negative plate

Latest computer desinged grid provides perfect balanc with the positive plate to

give maximum performance

6)Positive plate

Latest omputer disinged grid to enhanc optimum utilisatin of active materials thereby

increasing performance.

7)PE enveloped separator

Low electrical resistant PE separator to elimilate internal short-circuit and allo better circulation of electrolyte.

1)- Matrix series batteries have acid in the case and are fully charged before

leaving factory. Do not attempt to dismantle the battery, if accidental skin/eye

contact is made with electrolyte, seek medical advice immediately. 

2)- Do not use a new battery with an old one. 

3)- Do not use the battery in sealed container. 

4)- Each battery should have detailed record including the ex-factory date,

installing date and using record. 

5)- Check the connection of wire in a fixed interval (once a year). If there is

any looseness should tighten the wire. 

6)- Wipe the surface of the battery with soft cloth in a fixed interval (once

three months) and always keep the battery clean. 

7)- Avoid using any kind of organic solvents for cleaning the surface of the


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